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A little bit about digitizing service

Every time we mention the wording digitized. The Customer always gets confused. Can’t you just scan this picture, put on your computer and send to the machine? They ask.

I wish it was that simple. Many customers have no idea about the process of digitizing. They have no idea how many times a design needs to be sewn in order to get it the way it will sew perfectly.

Using embroidery digitizing software, a skilled embroidery digitizer transforms an image or text to stitches, creating the image in a file format an embroidery machine can read.

The digitizer’s work is not confined to a computer screen. Knowledge of fabric types and the push-pull factor of each is also required. The embroidery digitizer also needs to know about needles, thread, and stabilizers and, perhaps most importantly, must creatively expand the ‘boundaries’ of machine embroidery.

To me, digitizing is redrawing your logo using stitches. Every little section of your design uses a different type of stitches. It is an amazing process, but, if we are patient and perfectionist, it will always sew beautifully J

This is just a way of using simple words to explain what Digitizing service is.

God bless the entire world!

Sample of a digitizing


Jeanette Malafa:

Hello Zee!

I called about embroidering 12 blankets for the Rochester Poms. I thought I had found an email address for you to attach artwork for the blankets — but I didnt find one.

Could you please email (or text/call) an email address? Thank you!

Jeanette Malafa

Nov 26, 2019


Very pleasant lady took a jacket in that had extensive peeling of iron on lettering Zee gave me a price which I thought was quite reasonable told me it would take about a week called me next day jacket was much more beautiful than originally made Thank you again

Dec 07, 2018

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