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“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”

Steve Maraboli...I don't know too much about this author but, I sure appreciate his words of wisdom..

Once in a while, I have the pleasure of meeting some special people in my life through my work. I like talking to the elderly people because I am eager to learn and they always have something to teach me.

Today, this  new Customer who brought a sweatshirt over to be embroidered with a Crappie fish, came to pick up his embroidery. I will tell you, sometimes we look at people and  we see only the outside, that is one of our biggest mistake. I am one of those kind of business person who, if somebody wants something embroidered really bad but I assume they cant afford it, I always price it above what it is supposed to be. I think, oh well, it is only a sweatshirt and it is not a repeated work. It wont hurt me to put a smile on people's face :).

So, this Customer came to pick up his sweatshirt and he LOVED It. He was amazed how it turned out, so he gets his checkbook and asks me  how much do I owe you? He seemed to be a very humble man, I wanted him to keep on smiling, so I gave him a price that I wouldn't lose any money but, I wouldn't be making any extra for my work. Oh well, it was just a sweatshirt...

The elderly man looked at me and said: "ARE YOU SURE?" I smiled back and said, yes I am sure. He told  me: -"Oh no I will give you this much" What he paid me, was double of the price I gave him. That was the lesson I have learned for the day. It doesn't matter if a customer is rich, poor, if  I do the best I can, he/she will know how to appreciate my work and will pay me what it is worth . To me, that is the most important part of my payment, the Customer satisfaction. 

Every time a customer comes over to pick up their embroidery, it doesn't matter how long I have been doing the work to them, they always make me smile with kind words. That is my reward... 

I  guess that my husband might find it interesting when I leave the house and I know that a customer will come to pick up  embroidery. When I come back I always ask "Did the customer like it?" Even if he tells me yes the customer told me that he/she liked it a lot. No, I am not happy I have to ask "could you tell that he was really happy with the result?"  I keep on asking questions until I am satisfied. It's really different when somebody tell us that they like  something because they are kind  and when they tell us that they like it because they are satisfied. Body language, nobody can hide anything from Zee :)

I wont lie to you. It might have had a couple times when I asked the customer if they were happy, they said yes they were but, deep inside I could tell that they were not telling me the truth. After they left my place,  my day didn't turn out so good. I kept on questioning myself what could I have done different and it killed me inside. So, I have already told myself that if I notice that a customer doesn't seem very happy with my work. I will be straight forward. I will tell them I don't feel like they are satisfied. I hope this wont happen again but if it does, I will avoid some sleepiness night to myself :)

Yes Mr Steve Maraboli, “At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.” 

Have a precious evening you all! :)

Zee Giddings

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