Z Wearable Bag

Here we will have a category named Zee's wearable bags/backpack/purse/ however you want to call it.

I am a purse crazy person. I don't care for shoes or whatever, but I LOVE purses!!!!I have always been on a search for a perfect purse. Sometimes I think it is just an excuse for me to keep on buying them LOL.

Well, I have decided to start making them and I will let you decide what you think. I made myself one of this and boy, did they pay off? When we went to Disney World, my wearable purse was just perfect, there was no worries about forgetting my purse or having it stolen, I was wearing it!

Last time I went to Brazil, I found out another advantage. When you are on the airplane, you have to put put your purse in the over head compartment. I hate the idea of disturbing the person next to me to take a medicine, grabbing a candy or whatever I carry in my purse. I didn't have to do that last time. I was wearing my purse, so, I had everything I need with me! Yes, I think I am happy with my new creation! 4 huge pockets, one of them with another pocket with zipper inside for cash. LOVE THEM!!!!

All of them are reversible, some have a different print , so you can wear different purse but deep inside it is the same!!! :)))

Check it out soon!!

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